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​Do you find that old patterns are affecting your life now, especially if you have been abused and been through trauma in the past?​​

Donna connects with Spirit to bring your trust and faith back in life through touch and words. In a session with Donna, patterns from the past are seen for what they are and gently lifted. Donna provides the space for spirit to work.​​

​​Step by step, you return to all you can be as you reclaim yourself from your past wounds.

​​Cancellation Policy

I Value Your Time As My Time Is Valued. I Ask For A 24 Hour Cancellation Notice By Phone To Reschedule For a Better Time Available. A No Show Will Be Given Consideration To Be Evaluated For Refund.

Copyright 2013 Donna Genovese

Intuitive Healer and Counsellor                          Helping you Recover from the Traumas of the Past by Freeing the Abandoned Child Within