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This is a place that is dedicated to Healing your Past Wounds and Reclaiming your True Authentic Self.

All work at Opening to Your Inner Child is blessed with the touch of Divine Spirit. It will take you back to you in your mother's womb and to your childhood where you may have felt shame,​ worthlessness and lack of love.

​​The space is made for you to feel, remember and release ancestral patterns and traumas that hold you back...from Truly Living Your Life. 

By Opening to Your Inner Child, You stay awake to Reclaiming Your Power and Inviting Love from the Inside Out.

It is my joy to share this space with you and my own inner child healing story. 

Donna Genovese​​, Intuitive Healer
Copyright 2013 Donna Genovese
Intuitive Healer and Counsellor                           Helping you Recover from the Traumas of the Past by Freeing the Abandoned Child Within